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You know what a real BEAST is?

Picture this. An airplane just flew into the side of a massive skyscraper in a large city. At first no one understands exactly what happened, but then the 911 calls start coming in and people above the impact of the airplane are trapped. Fire and smoke caused by the explosion of the plane plus the remaining gas that was on the plane are making it nearly impossible to breathe, again, in those floors above the impact.

First responders are called to the scene and immediately start making their way up thousands of steps (the elevators are down) to help, assist, save anyone that needs it. Firefighters. Police Officers. EMT’s.

Minutes later, a second “twin” skyscraper across the street is hit by an airplane. Even in the absolute chaos, things are beginning to become clear—this is an attack. Now even more first responders are called to the scene. Again, running into the second skyscraper to save anyone they can.

Put yourself in their shoes. Can you? Can you even imagine the courage these first responders displayed? The fear. The adrenaline. The determination.

These people were true BEAST.

There are levels of being a BEAST. First responders along with those that have ever worn the uniform of one of our great military are at the very top.

We should all strive to be the best people we can be. Life can be very difficult for us all, but the person that continues to fight and get back up after being knocked down is the one living The Beast Life. We as a country got knocked down on that September day 18 years ago, but we all got back up. Do you remember the pride that was palpable on the days and weeks that followed? I do. We need to remember especially now when it seems that things are going off the rails. We are all in this together.

I love wearing my BEAST shirts. I feel motivated just putting them on. To me it’s more than just a t-shirt or tank-top. I mean that sincerely. I may never display the courage or determination that so many did 18 years ago, but my shirts are a small reminder that I can be a better person in every possible way. We all can.

On another topic, I have been wanting to add a way to support a good cause. I am currently working on a way to donate 10% of every on line sale to a charity or foundation. I definitely want to help our very deserving veterans. Ideally it will give the person making the purchase the option of where the 10% goes. I will certainly let everyone know when it goes live.

The last thing is this; whoever it is you love, tell them today. If they are in your presence, give them a hug. There are about 3000 people that died eighteen years ago and their loved ones would love to give them one more hug.


The Beast Life

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