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(This blog entry is from 1/22/2015, the first entry from the old site)


Welcome to The Beast Life website. As with the Beast itself, I imagine this website will continue to evolve.


I'd like to quickly tell you, in this first blog, the history of how we came to be.  It all happened in the "Big Easy", New Orleans. We were down there, 3 of us, on a business trip not related in any way to clothing or anything like this.  The first night there we had some time to walk Bourbon Street, as we had no business scheduled for the next day.  We partied!!  But that's what people do in New Orleans.  We were having a great time people watching when we saw this one young man probably in his early 20's.He wasn't particularly clean looking; in fact, it looked like he hadn't bathed in a long time.  He had long blond dreadlocks that I'm sure bugs had infested.  Get the picture?  He was really dirty!  But it was his shirt that caught our eye, his dinginess being secondary.  He had on a red shirt with what looked like the sleeves ripped off as opposed to cut off.  There were other holes in the shirt as well.  On the back of his shirt, written using electrical tape were the words "F*#K Like A Beast".  Obviously, the asterisk and number sign were 2 other letters.  We found this hysterical.  Okay, again, we were partying.  What is really funny is that we talked about this kid and that shirt the rest of the time we were in New Orleans.  Everything was "Like A Beast".  Sell like a beast.  Eat like a beast.  Drink like a beast.  Train like a beast, etc. etc., etc.  Finally, on our last dinner there, (I was there for 8 days. Way too long in that city!) I said we ought to make shirts.  Like A Beast shirts.  We all agreed on the idea and enjoyed our last night in NOLA. 


The BEAST was born.  It took some time after arriving home, but finally we got an artist and decided on artwork we liked.The first shirts came out and we sold a good portion of them.  Unfortunately we had an issue with the artist and had to give up on the original design that we called "The Neanderthal".  I really liked that design but we had to move on.  We found another design that we thought could at least be a stop-gap until we found something we really like.  Shortly after the second design came out, we found that we could no longer use the phrase "Like A Beast".  We found another phrase to use, and although it veers slightly away from the origin, I like it better and I believe it really captures the mission and maybe even movement that we are trying to start.  Well, it took a long time and we went through many artists, but I am happy to present the new and improved BEAST.

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