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A couple days ago while starting my Monday leg routine at the squat rack, I noticed a guy lying on the floor between some gym equipment. I wasn’t the first to notice as a couple people were already attending to him to see if he was okay. Long story short, he had taken some pre-workout for the first time, said his jaw locked up, thought he was having a stroke, took an ambulance to the hospital and found out all was okay after getting a few test. Tough lesson to learn about that stuff, but it was actually the second time I saw the same thing play out in a couple month.

Fast forward to the gym the next day and I see the same guy that had taken the ambulance ride. He was with his girlfriend/wife/friend(?)[not sure] that was with him the previous day. I asked him if he was okay and he explained what happened and that he was feeling better. I said I was happy to hear it and shook his hand. He and his friend both looked happy/relieved. A few minutes later another regular 5:30 am gym goer approached them and asked how he was. A few moments after that, a third person asked. I was close to them at this point and told them, in morning here, we are a family. They were both very grateful to hear that. You could tell in their faces. I had seen them in the gym before, but by no means were they regulars. Maybe they will be now.

I have been a member of a gym since 1986. It has been a great ride. I have met so many people, most of whom I liked. (Only a couple real knuckle heads over the years). But especially when you get to the gym at the same time everyday and are with mostly the same people everyday for years and years, you really start to feel like, “that is my gym family”, and it is really awesome. You learn about these people; their jobs, kids, relationships, and the sport teams they follow! You see them everyday and say hi everyday, genuinely happy to see them. Some you become good friends with and their real families, but most of the time the relationship stays between the walls of the gym, but again, it is awesome.

I think as you get older you start to reflect on your life. Without a doubt the most consistent thing in my life has been the gym. It’s been there for me through everything. And I have been loyal. I probably can’t express how grateful I am for the gym and how many friends I have made through it. I do know that I am blessed.

I’ll see ya at the gym tomorrow…



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