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Bum Muscle

A friend I never met died a couple days ago.

When I started making shirts, I thought it would be cool. I continued to make them and come up with different designs because I liked them. I almost only wear my own gear to the gym. What I never anticipated was “meeting” so many people from around the country. There is at least one The Beast Life shirt in over half of the states in the USA.

I follow a lot of these people on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. You get to know them to some degree. You see their daily lives. (I say daily because gym people generally post a lot!). Sometimes I chat or message with them. You feel a connection, like they are a friend. A friend you never met.

Very interesting people too. Okay, a lot are bodybuilders, fitness competitors and powerlifters. A couple actors. A couple MMA fighters. A professional wrestler. Mostly gym goers trying to get a little better every day.

Six years ago, I came across this couple on Instagram. She’s a competitive powerlifter, and he’s a competitive bodybuilder. They had great post! Fun! Funny! They were like a comedy team. Two of my favorites on ISG. I decide to contact them and see if I could send some shirts. They gave me the okay and they eventually bought several more. For a year or so, they were posting pics wearing my shirts a few times a week. My following grew.

Eventually they opened their own gym and had to promote their own brand. It sucked a little for me, but I completely understood and was very happy for them. I also looked forward traveling to the west coast, meet them and train at their gym.

Years go by and you put things on the backburner. “One day I’ll get there.”

What a fuckin’ mistake.

Got home from a great concert the other night. About to go to bed and checked my ISG feed one more time. I wish I hadn’t.

He’s gone now. This bigger than life character is gone. His wife is left to suffer this unimaginable pain. My heart breaks for her and everyone that was in their circle, which appeared to be huge. They are both loved by many.

The lesson learned here is pretty obvious, right? We have no idea how much time we have left on this earth. We have no idea how much time our loved ones have on this earth. And we have no idea how long our friends have on this earth, even the ones we never met.

Live each day as if it’s your last. It may be.

Peace & Love to you all.

The Beast Life

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