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Not A Beast

I have a confession to make. I am not a BEAST. I strive to be one, but I am not.

When I first started this whole BEAST t-shirt thing, I admit, it was to make money. No doubt. But as I was putting the first website together a few years ago, I realized that there was a message behind all this. As it goes, “the Beast is just a symbol. The primal urge to succeed. To accomplish.” Some of my favorite words that I ever wrote. Being a BEAST is all the other things I wrote as well, and that’s where I know I fall short. Rarely do I give 100% effort in anything, much less 120%.

I know a couple “BEASTS”. My parents. They raised 5 kids on one meager salary. We never needed anything. Paid for all of us to go to college and paid for my 3 sisters’ weddings. We went on vacations every summer and they were supportive in every activity we ever attempted. Great parents. Absolute BEAST. They took care of business. 120% effort. Everything was for us and never them.

If you follow the BEAST on social media you will see that it all revolves around the gym, training, and everything health and fitness. It needs to mean more than that. It needs to reflect the work ethic of my parents. 120% effort in everything. Or at least trying your best at everything you do. Taking care of yourself but knowing that helping others is the MOST fulfilling thing you can do. The gym is important, no doubt. It’s the ultimate you against you. And it’s where you can learn to push yourself and that hard work does pay off. But a true BEAST takes care of his/her business outside the gym too.

I know I have a long, long way to go. But I have outstanding mentors.


The Beast Life

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