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The Holiday season is upon us again. Another quick year. And another excuse to eat and drink like the apocalypse is upon us. Don’t do it! You will regret it! I mean, I’m gonna eat like there is no tomorrow and I certainly will have several adult beverages, but I am advising YOU not to. Just kidding. Enjoy yourself. It’s only one week of indulgence, and probably not even really one whole week. A few days. Of course, I have been indulging since Thanksgiving, but really only a few days here and there…and there, and there!

I live in the northeast where it gets pretty cold in late fall and throughout the winter months. (Actually, this morning the temperature was 14 degrees! Sucks!) But for all of us that live in the colder areas, you know how easy it is to give up on your diet in the winter. I’m sure it’s a primal instinct we still have going back to when we were cavemen; put on extra pounds to help insulate us from the cold. So it’s not really our fault! It’s instinctual! It’s in our DNA!

Obviously, moderation is what we should strive for. Don’t deny yourself, but don’t go crazy either. I know for myself, the unavoidable guilt is enough to keep me in check.

This is normal for me. For the last several years I have maintained a pattern or routine that I didn’t even realize. Here it is: January till the end of May my diet is pretty tight. Indulgences here and there but mostly on point. June comes and I start craving hamburgers. I love hamburgers on the grill. Maybe my favorite food. So I will maintain my diet but add hamburgers to the equation. Once it gets warm out, my appetite decreases so I will actually eat less. Close to the same daily calories even with hamburgers. Probably more cheats in the summer with picnics and such, but not out of control. That pattern goes until the end of September. October comes and football season is rolling along. It’s getting colder out and the comfort food is, well, comforting. Halloween, Thanksgiving and then back to where we are now.

By time we get to the last week of December I can’t wait to start eating right. I feel very strong in the gym, but the definition is slowly disappearing. I don’t like that at all. Even if I have no plans to compete, I still want to be in a certain condition. The battle is constantly in my head.

Luckily, and on purpose of course, I never deviate from the gym. I try to get there 7 days a week. Sometimes I do miss a day, usually because of a family thing (they come first), but it is rare I miss two days in a week, especially back to back days. Several times I have been asked, “Don’t you think you should let your body rest?” Nah! A day out of the gym means 500 to 1000 calories that I am NOT burning. Plus, I keep my workouts to about one hour and split everything up in a way where I feel rested each time I do a body part.

But seriously, moderation is key…(rolling eyes emoji here)

So enjoy yourself and be merry! Be thankful for everything you have. When January rolls around know that it is time to start kicking butt again!

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Have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all!

The Beast Life

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