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Why why?

I have been involved in a couple multi-level marketing companies. It’s a tough business. Everyone thinks automatically that it is a “pyramid scheme”. Most people think someone like Bernie Madoff is behind these companies. At any rate, I have been to several conventions and lectures. A common session that is always included is the lecture of learning your “WHY”. “Why” is it important for you to succeed? “Why” is finding the reason for your passion.

They always want you to write down your “why” so you don’t forget it or you have a constant reminder. Many people write down the usual and very noble reasons. For my family. To get out of debt. So I can travel. To pay for college for my kids. Those are all great and I am sure that there is a percentage of people who really hold those little pledges close to their heart and develop passion for their goals. I say develop because who really has a passion for selling cheaper electricity or health drinks that taste awful? And the real goal is making money, in most cases, and that may seem shallow to some.

But my question is why does there have to be a “why” to be passionate about something?

And how many people really have a “why”? Our lives are so packed and busy, and our agendas are so full, who has time or the energy it takes to have a laser focus on one goal. Aren’t our lives a series of many goals? Daily goals that we don’t even think about being goals. (Making that monthly goal of paying the mortgage or car payment.) I think it not necessarily a “why” that is needed to be stated to get you on a path. I think it’s just a mental list that you have constructed in your head. And that list may change from day to day, or month to month. That list is your…


I started going to a gym when I was 16 years old. (Dynamic Fitness) I have not taken off more than a week or two since and I am now 47 years old. At some point, that became a priority in my life. I don’t remember how it happened. I can just remember that I loved the atmosphere and I loved the way it made me feel. And thinking that I could physically change myself with hard work. I still love the atmosphere and love the way training makes me feel. And even at my age, I see changes for the better, all the time. In fact, that passion has changed the way I eat and drink and even sleep. No wonder it is a priority.

This may seem like an odd comparison, but the same thing happened when my daughter was born. There was no one there and then all of a sudden there was this beautiful baby girl. How do you fall in love with someone you never met? That may seem ridiculous but it’s true. Instantly I was father and instantly this little person became my number one priority.

So I guess to sum this up, if you have to figure out why you do anything that is important to you, it may not be a high priority. But don’t waste your time trying to label things. Lord knows there are way too many labels in this world already. If it’s important to you, you already know why.

Peace and Love

The Beast Life

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