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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!(I know I'm a few weeks late!)

I hope 2017 is your best year ever. YOU WILL SMASH EVERY GOAL YOU SET THIS YEAR!!!

This is the time of year when gyms across the country start to fill up due to “resolutions” people make about getting in better shape. I wish everyone the best, but sadly many will only commit to the “resolution” for a month or two. I wonder why that is? Does it take too much time out of their day? Are they not getting the results they wanted as quickly as they want? Are they tired of being sore? Do they not like the gym that they are going to? I’m sure in most cases it is part of several of these reasons. But what I want to concentrate on today is the results or lack of results, and not just in “newbies”, but also in people that go all through the year.

First off, results take time. Rome was not built in a day. I think if you have a good plan, you may not see any significant change for 90 days. But that is only with a good plan. The number one reason that people do not see results as quickly as they would like is because of diet. I say it all the time; diet is between 95% to 98% of the battle. You will see results with almost any workout plan if you are eating correctly.

That being said, I am torn at which is the best approach to start eating correctly; slowly eliminate eating bad food and substituting healthy choices. Or jump in with both feet and eliminate all bad food at once and eat only clean, healthy food. For me it is relatively easy. I can eat garbage for a certain amount of time and then the next day switch to a clean meal plan. I have to do it that way. If I don’t I will invent excuses or rationales for eating some kind of garbage. Even eating that clean food plan, I will have two meals on the weekend that are less than perfect. I think this keeps you sane and it gives you something to look forward too. Of course, if I’m getting ready for a show, I won’t eat those two “cheat” meals.

Although not for me, I can certainly see how some people would do better going at it slower. This method does take a lot of discipline too. Maybe as much as going “cold turkey” as I like to do. Maybe you can eliminate desserts at night. Then try to not get any fast food. Next, eliminate bread out of your diet. Etc, etc. etc. until you then have a clean eating plan. The physical changes will take longer but this method of “weening” yourself off bad food could actually be best for you. The other method’s drawback is longevity, or lack there of. Just like people start going to the gym in January, but by sometime in February, you never see them again. They get tired of the grind. A super clean diet will be even tougher. A clean diet is boring. No doubt. You have to train your mind that everything you eat is for a purpose, not pleasure.

So there you go. Results take time and a good plan.

Again, I wish you all a spectacular 2017!!

Peace & Love

The Beast Life

If you have any questions, please email me at I’m not a nutritionist but I have been doing this for quite awhile. If I don’t know the answer, I will find it.

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