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The Sky is Falling??

The world is in chaos!! Or is it? You see so much craziness on TV and social media, but really, how much of it is affecting your daily life? I hope and pray not much. And for most of us, I don’t think it is. That being said---my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Las Vegas. You have had unthinkable tough times.

I deactivated from Facebook. The negativity was too much. People going at each other constantly, both sides thinking they know the truth. You know what the truth is? The truth is we have no idea what the truth is! It all depends where you get your information. And from what I’ve seen there are NO neutral or reliable sources. It’s very sad, but at the same time I go back to my earlier question---How much of it is really affecting your daily life? Honestly?

I wake up, have a cup of coffee and then get ready and go to the gym. When I get home, I make my daughter’s lunch and see her off to school. I then get ready and go to work. Whatever activities after work until I go to bed. I still plan my meals for the next day or week. I still go the grocery store 15 times a week(not really) it seems. I still have to cut the grass and a dozen other chores that we all have to do. I will still have to pay taxes. None of these things are going to change barring anything catastrophic.

I guess my point is---keep things in perspective. Worry about the important things. Take care of your family and love those that you love and love you back. Treat EVERYONE with respect. I personally do not believe that some social issues are as bad as the media portrays. Not in my world. And I think I live in a fairly diverse area.

But what I really think we need to do is have civil conversations…AND LISTEN. People are so quick to let you know their opinion. We need to listen more. My hope is that some of you will read this and then reply with your thoughts. I want to listen…

This is obviously a very different blog then usual but I still think it’s part of the message that THE BEAST LIFE is trying to convey. 120% effort…

As a very wise person would remind me…keeps things in perspective.


The Beast Life

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