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I just Googled “Fitspo”. I had no idea what it meant. I’ve seen it many times. In fact, I have been using it as a hashtag on my Instagram posts for a while now. But I had no idea what it was short for.

Turns out, according to my search which highlighted a Huffington Post article, “Fitspo” is short for fitspiration. According to HP, fitspiration is an “online community of bloggers and social media accounts that encourage weight lose, diet and exercise through the sharing of success stories, active lifestyle and diet tips, photos and rules.” What rules???

But are you ready for the title of this article? Here it is: WHY ‘FITSPO” SHOULD COME WITH A WARNING LABEL. Oh geez…

When you go through the first Google page, the majority of the articles about fitspo pertain to body shaming. Body shaming is a phrase I never heard of until a few years ago. I think the first mention of it, that I remember, was when Maria Kang posted the pic of her and her 3 young children with the question, “What is your excuse?” Maria is in phenomenal shape. She took a lot of heat for that pic. Unjustly, I believe.

It would be easy for me to give my opinion that people are way too sensitive these days. Brittle, even. I don’t know if that is really the case, though. Are people really “body shaming” other people? Do people really get upset when they see someone physically fit on TV or posted on social media? Where does all this come from?

Personally, in my opinion, I think it’s mostly BS. Yes, I do believe that there are insecure people out there that are very sensitive. And I’m not judging them. I have never walked a moment in their shoes. I think that those are a very, very small minority of people. And I’m sure there are idiots out there that purposely say or do mean things to make people feel bad about themselves. Again, another small minority. The media will make you think that the shaming is an epidemic.

How can “Fitspo” be anything other than good? Inspiring people to be in better shape. Notice that; better shape. Not fitness model shape or competitive shape. Better shape. Healthier. Striving to be healthier is a good thing. It’s all very maddening to me.

I will end with this. Tony Robbins says something like, ‘you are in the body you chose’. Think about that. Yes, I know some people did not choose to have medical problems, or birth defects, etc., but most people are in the body that they chose. Either accept your decisions as yours, or make a change.

Peace Always,

The Beast Life

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