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Today I am 50.

That number does not even look right. No way am I 50 years old. Old people are 50. I don't feel old. I don't think I look 50. I am not sure what 50 is even supposed to look like.

I was never a fan of celebrating my birthdays going back to my late 20's. In fact, I know many times I was moody on my birthday. Not good. That doesn't seem to be the case this time. I am not necessarily happy about turning 50, but I am certainly grateful. Unfortunately, I have seen many people not make it to this age. Some were friends that I worked with for years. Very sad.

So that is what it is all about for me today; being grateful. For a while now I have incorporated that into my daily routine, usually very early morning---being thankful for everything in my life. No doubt I feel blessed. I have a lot of good in my life. Family, friends, health. But I also am grateful for the not so great things that have happened in my life. Those things have shaped me. They really have made me what I am today.

One thing that I don't want to hear is "it's just a number". Yeah, it's just a number, but it's a big number! What I think people should say is, you are as old as you think you are. You can be 50 and act 65. I know people like this. Or you can be 50 and act 30. That's what I'm striving for. I've said it many times before; I take better care of myself now than I did when I was 25. I eat better, train more, and drink less. Most days I feel great.

My favorite quote of all time is by George Bernard Shaw. He said, " Youth is wasted on the young". Oddly, one of my favorite songs of all time is Time by Pink Floyd. Maybe I have been a little obsessed with growing older! I think it's time to embrace it more.

Love & Peace to all you BEAST!

The Beast life.

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