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Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa to everyone! Is it just me or did 2018 fly by? I do hope that it was a good year for all.

With that being said:

Big Holiday Sale! 10% savings on everything in the store from now until January 1, 2019. Just use the code BEAST10 at checkout. A BEAST LIFE shirt, tank or hoodie is the perfect gift for the BEAST in your life!!!

Okay, back to time flying by. Hard for me to believe but this whole Beast thing started over 6 years ago already. It definitely has evolved and hopefully there will be more in the future.

I wrote about the Beast history in the very first blog, but I will revisit the story quickly. It was 2012 and myself and 2 business partners are in New Orleans having a great time on Bourbon Street. We see a young man, probably in his 20’s, wearing a ragged shirt , and that is being kind. On the back of his shirt he put electrical tape. That tape spelled the words “F#CK LIKE A BEAST”! Well, we found that hysterical and for the rest of the time in NOLA, everything was ”…like a beast”; “sell like a beast”, or “drink like a beast”, or “party like a beast”. You get the idea. We were eating our last lunch in NOLA when we started talking about making “LIKE A BEAST” t-shirts. We started a website and sold maybe a hundred shirts. Then an issue arose concerning the legality of the name and the original artist trying possibly to get more money out of us. “LIKE A BEAST” was over but that opened the door to “THE BEAST LIFE”!

Now there are 5 designs, a much better website that continually evolves, and great customers sending me pics of them wearing the BEAST from all over the USA! I definitely wanted there to be a meaning behind this version of the BEAST. Effort, growth, determination, helping others, strength in body and mind; all things the BEAST means to me and I hope others.

No more partners, but I have had several people who were very important in the evolution. Help with designs, the website, marketing ideas, social media, etc. Would it be great for an entity like Nike or Under Armour to come into the picture? Of course, but I’m not holding my breathe. Plus, The Beast Life is my baby! I LOVE wearing these shirts. I wear them everyday. This is all a big hobby for me that I thoroughly enjoy. If a big company came in, that would all end.

Well, that’s the story. 6 years and a lot has happened. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 6.

Don’t forget!! BEAST10 at checkout and get 10% off until January 1, 2019.

Peace to all.

The Beast Life

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