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I remember a conversation that I had with a friend several years ago. A casual gym goer, she was asking me about different exercises she should do for different body parts. The conversation continued about her gym and the people that she sees there. She mentioned how she hated when guys would make a lot of noise, grunting and groaning when they were lifting. She said something like, if they need to make that much noise, they are using too heavy weight. I laughed but I was thinking, she really wouldn’t want to see me in the gym!

I am a habitual grunter and groaner in the gym, and I am proud of it! I really push myself in the gym and sometimes when I am straining during a rep, I will make noise. Sometimes when I am about to attempt a very heavy lift, deadlift or squat usually, I will make a preemptive noise to pump myself up! Usually a loud “WOOO!” Hard to tell how loud it is, though, because I’ve got my headphones blaring in my head!

If you are pushing yourself, I mean really pushing yourself, how is it possible to stay completely quiet? To me, making noises in the gym is all part of the beautiful symphony I call the GRIND.

(BTW…I could never train at a Planet Fitness. Lunk alarms would certainly go off! “I lift things up and put them down.”)

The GRIND incorporates so many things. The GRIND is pushing yourself at the gym, but it is also just getting to the gym. I wake up at 4am so I can get to the gym at 5:30. 4am comes mighty early! But the GRIND will also mean getting to the gym after a long day of work. It‘s tough either way, but making it a priority is the point. Getting it in. Getting it done.

The GRIND can be eating a certain way. I eat the same foods almost every day. I know a lot of people who do exactly the same. My chicken and green beans can get pretty boring sometimes, especially when many people at work are ordering out lunch every day and getting some delicious looking foods. But we know that there is a reason behind the food that we consume, and it’s not just to satisfy hunger or taste.

The GRIND is, and maybe most importantly, consistency. Consistency can only be maintained when we find inspiration, dedication, and motivation. Mostly I speak about the fitness and bodybuilding worlds, but can’t that last sentence apply to all of life as well? You career, your relationships? Maybe your motivation to stay consistent is just to pay your monthly bills and/or maybe it’s to fight off the aging process. Maybe your dedication to your significant other is to consistently show how important they are to you, though the good and bad in life. Inspirations can come and go, but to consistently find that reason, sometimes on a daily basis, to keep it going, moving forward and always chasing that dream. The GRIND.

The GRIND I speak of is never negative. We’ve all heard “back to the grind”. This is said usually when the weekend is over, and we get back to our normally scheduled lives. This “grind” is not good. This is the “grind” meaning just getting through life so I can get back to the weekend. We need to remember that every day is important, not just Saturday and Sunday. By Sunday night I am looking forward to Monday! Chest and Bi’s on Monday morning. It’s gonna be a good day to GRIND! And yes… I will be grunting and making noise. It’s all part of my GRIND.

Please check out the store and the many GRIND t’shirts, tank tops and hoodies. If a particular item is out of stock, please let me know and I will do my best to replenish.

Peace & Love,

The Beast Life

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